Small group aims to provide balance, knowledge amidst graphic anti-abortion protests

Twitter was abuzz this morning with upset messages from locals who passed by groups of anti-abortion protesters with graphic signs — even prompting a new hashtag to let parents know where in the city the signs were, so they could prevent their kids from seeing them.

Allison Sparling and her friends, were also lining the streets with signs this morning, but their message was a little different.

For her, it’s not about protesting the protesters — Sparling wants to spread some knowledge while spreading some love.

“We just want to provide a really positive message and let people know that they are safe to make the choices that are right for them in this city,” she said, sporting a heart-clad sign that read “Unafraid, unashamed.”

Sparling helped start up a website a few months ago — — which, she says, provides an unbiased alternative to propaganda.

“There are many choices out there, whether your choice is to adopt, or to seek out other methods, or to go through and have the child. We wanted to make sure people are getting the best access to the information out there.”

Sparling and a few others were out all morning, not to combat the anti-abortion rallying, but to try and  provide some balance for locals passing by.

The large anti-abortion signs that sparked social media controversy included images of dead fetuses and bloody, unborn babies at different stages of growth.

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