Hot start to the week in Halifax could break temperature records

By Mark Hodgins

It's not quite the heat they're seeing on the west coast, but the next couple of days are expected to be very warm in Halifax and across Nova Scotia. 

NEWS 95.7 weather specialist John Wilson says temperatures will reach 30 degrees on Monday and Tuesday. Environment Canada says it's going to feel closer to 40 degrees with the humidex added on.

Heat warnings have been issued for southwestern Nova Scotia, areas along the Bay of Fundy and parts of New Brunswick. 

Wilson says we could see some previous highs fall. 

“We may be pretty close to a record,” Wilson said of Monday's temperature. “The record is 30.6 from 1991.”

Meantime, it's scorching hot on the west coat. The hottest place in the country on Sunday was Lytton, B.C. The village west of Kamloops set a new Canadian all-time high by hitting 46.1 degrees.

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