CNN airs report on Woody the Talking Christmas Tree

By Meghan Groff

Woody the Talking Christmas Tree is making international headlines.

The conversing conifer was featured on CNN in a piece by Jeanne Moos, a reporter who tends to focus on unusual stories.

She shared social media posts reacting to the festive fir, including one comparing him to Tammy Fay reincarnated.

“There's something about kids talking to Woody reminiscent of Dorothy talking to the Wizard of Oz,” Moos described.

She also highlighted Woody-inspired artwork and mentioned an occasional malfunction.

“He's been having a lazy eye,” Mic Mac Mall general manager Tamitha Oakley explained in the report.

Last week, The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon ended his opening monologue with a joke about the talking timber.

Woody has returned to the Dartmouth mall after a 15 year break.

He can be visited seven days a week until Dec. 23.

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