“Losses”: Are they really the cost of doing business?

By Danae Ingram

Many business owners have worked all year for the lucrative offerings the holiday season will bring to their business. However, the increased volume of visitors to the business brings an increase in potential security issues.

In the hectic days of good tidings and even better revenue, simple but vital things may be forgotten.

Mark LeRue, Wilsons Security says “One of the biggest things we start to see around this time of year is people forgetting to arm their alarm systems. It seems obvious, but it is one of the simplest ways to help protect your business. One of the things that we are able to do at Wilsons Security is provide solutions to remind the business owner. ‘Hey, it's after 10:00 PM and you haven’t armed your alarm system yet.’”

Today’s technology offers even more than simple reminders.

Virtually every business owner has had the urge to drive back to their business after closing to be sure everything was properly secured. Today’s security systems provide remote access and instant peace of mind.

Mark LeRue continues, “You've also got the opportunity now with some new tools to be able to remotely lock your doors, unlock your doors, to be able to restrict when people are allowed to enter or exit the business. Just because I work there, it doesn't mean I should be able to disarm the alarm system at 2:00 AM. You can also ensure that the system is fully-armed and doors are locked and whatever from your smartphone.”

Amid the throng of holiday shoppers, many business owners employ additional seasonal workers.

During this time of expected high staff turnover, it is essential for business owners to effectively stay in control of access. Mark LeRue, “You have the ability to add and remove users very easily through a computer or your phone. And as far as access, it can be as simple as when that user is allowed to disarm the alarm system or at which door they swipe a card to get into the building. You can even restrict when that card would work.”

Today’s security systems offer a full spectrum of options including highly effective deterrents, including an instant fog machine which, when triggered, fills the space with a temporary fog that makes visibility impossible and can drive intruders out of the business within seconds, with the goal of preventing them from taking anything. Mark LeRue explains, “We have a system called Fast Fog that fills the space with fog in seconds. It’s a glycerin-based product that does no damage and leaves no residue on your inventory.”

It’s important to remember, though these systems are high-tech, they are designed to be user-friendly.

Ensure your Holiday Season is a profitable as possible with security support from Wilsons Security.

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