T. Thomason supporting Lucas Silveira tour tonight

By Jordan Parker

It's been a busy year for T. Thomason and now he's supporting Lucas Silveira's new album with a fabulous tour.

Both of them will hit The Carleton tonight, along with Joce Reyome, for a fabulous, entertaining evening and good music.

Thomason is riding high following the high-profile release of a recent cover song and some branching out of the music industry.

“Everything has been going great,” he said. “Most recently, I covered Bruce Cockburn's 'Lovers In A Dangerous Time', and people have responded well to it.”

He's been working on new things, and the response to that song has led to insights and new opportunities for the popular artist.

“I made connections and new partners, and I'm now getting so excited about a new record. I hope to have new music in the new year, and that's really exciting,” he said.

Vocalist Thomason– often honest about his transition, life in the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and his thoughts and feelings – is known for a raw storytelling style in his music.

His self-titled album may have been released in 2019, but it's remained a conversation piece due to the timeframe it was released in.

“I've been so happy with the response to the album. I played my first Toronto show since the pandemic last week, and it was really just wonderful,” he said.

“When the album first came out, there wasn't much chance to play the songs live in-person with anyone. We were all stuck at home. It's amazing if I'm playing a show to see the response. Whenever someone DMs me and requests a song at a show, I try to play it.”

Thomason sees something really special about discovering what fans truly enjoy from the album.

“So many people didn't get the opportunity to see me live when the album came out. It came out at a time in history where people were at home discovering the music,” he said.

“Now they're going to shows in-person and I love hearing what people gravitated towards. It's nice to know the album didn't just hit the internet and disappear in a news cycle.”

Thomason has also been spreading his wings lately, and dovetailed nicely into a focus in acting as well. It's no surprise, given the pedigree of his mother Shelley Thompson.

Thompson – who starred in David Bowie's Labyrinth, directed beloved Dawn, Her Dad & The Tractor (partially based on her experience with T.'s coming-out and transition) and is a force in film and television in Canada – was so pleased to hear Thomason was pursuing an on-screen career too.

“She was super excited, and she always wanted me to act. She was happy to hear I'd be getting more involved in acting,” said Thomason.

Thomason had an incredible time as a recurring star on season one of CBC hit Moonshine – oddly enough, a show his mother Thompson is recurring on during the second season.

“It's funny, because I did it. Now she's getting a crack at it,” laughed Thomason. “It was really cool and such a fun experience. I really enjoyed working on that show.”

While Thomason gets recognized in music circles, he said it was different to act and immerse himself in it.

“I did it a lot as a kid but I hadn't been focusing on it. It was cool to be in a different space and different industry than I'm used to,” he said.

“Some of the Moonshine actors were from Toronto and they aren't from here. They wouldn't know me from my music. It was cool to be a fly-on-the-wall on set.”

He says the move to acting was serendipitous and had a lot to do with coming home to Nova Scotia from Toronto during the pandemic.

“This summer, I actually got to be a series regular on Sullivan's Crossing. It was from the producers of Netflix's Virgin River,” he said.

The show brought Gilmore Girls alum Scott Patterson and One Tree Hill's Chad Michael Murray to town as well. Nova Scotian Reid Price also stars.

“It's so amazing, because Chad was honestly so nice. Everyone I tell assumes he'd be difficult because he's a Hollywood actor, but he was just the absolute sweetest,” said Thomason.

While Thomason has an interesting summer, he's currently focused on music – and supporting this tour for Lucas Silveira, whose album The Goddamn Flowers just released. Thomason will play along with PEI performer Joce Reyome, and they're excited to light up The Carleton.

“It's really nice to be supporting this album release. Lucas is the main event here, and Joce is opening for me. I just am really happy to be doing a set before Lucas, and this is so fun,” he said.

“This weekend we're doing Fredericton, New Glasgow, and Charlottetown. If people have friends, tell them to hit up these shows. We're going to have a great time,” he said.

The show starts at 7 p.m. and tickets can be purchased on The Carleton's website.

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