You may be already closer to a university credential than you think

By Dalhousie University - Faculty Of Open Learning

Are you ready to take the next steps towards your professional goals but concerned about the time and financial commitments of earning a university credential? Dalhousie University has a way forward for you. The Faculty of Open Learning and Career Development is operating a remarkable initiative that allows you to leverage your valuable experiences and knowledge gained outside the classroom to jumpstart your professional development.

Introducing the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program. It has been designed to assess and credit the skills, knowledge, and competencies that individuals have acquired through formal and informal learning, such as work experience, military training, and volunteer experience. This means your real-world experiences can be recognized and then contribute to your lifelong learning journey.

When speaking of the roots of this program, Chris Fevens, Manager of Dalhousie’s RPL program says, “We understand that there are some significant barriers preventing people from studying in post-secondary education these days, so we wanted to create a program that places value on the learning that happens outside of a classroom and makes Dalhousie a more accessible learning environment.”

Here’s the exciting part: the RPL program accelerates learners’ paths toward earning a university credential. By demonstrating their knowledge in specific areas, individuals can receive advanced standing or exemptions for relevant courses. Open to both prospective students who are considering enrolling in a certificate and current students who want to have their prior learning recognized, the RPL program can save both time and money spent in earning a university certificate.

The Faculty of Open Learning and Career Development is committed to inclusivity and diversity, actively engaging with marginalized communities to ensure equal access to education. The RPL program provides a unique opportunity to pursue education and develop professionally, regardless of the barriers they have faced to traditional education.

“We feel by bridging the gap between formal education and practical skills, the RPL Program contributes to a more dynamic and relevant educational experience for all students at Dalhousie University,” adds Fevens.

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The RPL program, which has already helped hundreds of students on their academic journeys, heralds a new era of accessibility, inclusivity, and recognition of diverse pathways to education. By embracing and valuing the knowledge and skills gained outside of the traditional classroom, Dalhousie University is empowering individuals from all walks of life to unlock their full potential and forge new opportunities.

For more information about the RPL program,  please visit Dalhousie University’s RPL webpage, contact us at , or attend an upcoming RPL webinar on Wednesday, August 23rd at 12:00pm (ADT).

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