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Blockbuster show hits streamer and an underrated Tom Hanks gem: This week’s best and biggest on Netflix

Check out Jordan Parker's 'The week's best and biggest on Netflix' every Friday on CityNews Halifax

Check out Jordan Parker's 'The week's best and biggest on Netflix' every Friday on CityNews Halifax.

A Bad Moms Christmas

It might be a little early to start watching Christmas movies, but for those of you looking for raunchy yuletide glee, look no further.

This holiday-themed sequel to the hit 2016 comedy served as a resurgence for Mila Kunis, who struggled to find her niche post-That 70s Show.

She stars as Amy, a mother who realizes that having a bit of fun can always relieve her stress. Amy and friends Kiki and Carla all experience some serious fears when they realize their respective mothers are coming for Christmas.

The cast is top-notch, and while the film isn’t highly-touted, I just adore it. Kunis is joined by Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell, Jay Hernandez, Cheryl Hines, and surefire standouts Christine Baranski and Susan Sarandon.

With a lesser group of women leading this ensemble, it might not work. But as it stands, this is pretty solid holiday entertainment.

4/5 Stars

Eddie The Eagle

This film represented one of Taron Egerton’s first roles following his successful breakout Kingsman.

I will never understand why this one – based on a true story – never took off with audiences. It follows Eddie Edwards, a British ski jumper who always seemed to be punching above his weight.

The underdog would go on to compete in the 1988 Winter Olympics, and capture hearts along the way.

Egerton is fabulous, and Dexter Fletcher – who would later direct him in his iconic turn as Elton John in Rocketman – gives him plenty of room to show his talent.

He’s paired with Hugh Jackman, and it’s nice to see the veteran actor in a role that doesn’t require him to have literal claws.

It’s a comedy that will definitely catch your attention, and I think you’ll be surprised by just how much you enjoy this one.

4/5 Stars

Open Water

One of the scariest things about the be-all, end-all shark film Jaws was what you didn’t see.

2003 hit Open Water takes that concept and runs with it. Shot in found-footage style, it thrives on paranoia and the fear of the unknown.

Based on a true story, it’s about two scuba divers who are accidentally left overnight in shark infested waters. They must work together to survive.

Gone are special effects, CGI sharks, and a loud, thundering score. This is a tense, atmospheric film that proves your imagination can scare you more than effects ever would.

There are no big-name actors to distract you either. Writer-director Chris Kentis gives us a film that manages to be scary without going overboard.

You’ll either love it or hate it – it’s a low-budget affair, no visceral chomping of legs – but those who appreciate it will be glad they tried it out.

4/5 Stars

Road To Perdition

After the high-octane, gruesome and violent gangster films from Scorsese, it’s a different type of experience to watch this one.

Director Sam Mendes – an Oscar winner for American Beauty and nominee for 1917 – makes one of his most underrated films of all time.

Centering around young Michael Sullivan Jr., it’s told from his perspective as he realizes his mob enforcer father isn’t the Good Samaritan he assumed he was.

The young man witnesses a murder, and this sets off a chain of events that leaves father-and-son on the road, and Michael Sullivan Sr. to make some difficult, vengeful choices.

Tyler Hoechlin – who later starred in MTV show Teen Wolf – is fabulous in his role as a young boy, and Tom Hanks gives an emotional, layered performance.

Jennifer Jason Leigh, Daniel Craig, and Ciaran Hinds also star, but the crowning achievement was the Oscar-nominated performance from Paul Newman.

It’s one of my favourite movies of the 2000s, and one you should really look into.



From the creators of Superstore bring you this highly entertaining Netflix original series.

Vanessa Ramos – a writer on Superstore and Brooklyn Nine-Nine – really does make a funny, refreshing show here.

Following the realization their Blockbuster is the last of the video rental giants in America, a man and his staff try to figure out how to stay afloat.

Randall Park (Fresh Off The Boat), Melissa Fumero (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Madeleine Arthur, J.B. Smoove, and Tyler Alvarez star.

It’s funny, sweet, and I genuinely enjoy myself when I watch it. I can’t say I like it as much as Superstore yet, but I’m definitely willing to see where it goes from here.

3.5/5 Stars

About the Author: Jordan Parker

Jordan Parker is a freelance journalist and runs entertainment firm Parker PR. He's been a movie nerd since he was old enough to walk.
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