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Haligonian actor lands Lifetime lead role

Nick Smyth has come a long way since his Street Cents days
Nick Smyth

Nick Smyth has come a long way since his Street Cents days.

In a career made famous through TSN ads, Smyth has been embracing a new type of role, and has a major turn in new Lifetime film The Price Of Fitting In.

“This one came right after Motherly. I had dark roles in two Raven Banner movies in a row, then this came along and excited me,” he said.

“This one is direct-to-TV, and it’s my first co-lead in a TV movie. It played in the United States, and it’s such a big network.”

The Price Of Fitting in follows a mother and daughter as they head to a new town, and the temptation that arises in the teen’s life. It premiered this year on the Lifetime Channel, and now has a streaming release on Amazon Prime, Vudu, Roku and iTunes.

Smyth has had an intense few years working with Raven Banner in horror films, moving outside his wheelhouse. But now he finds himself playing a guidance counsellor whose intentions become quite murky, and he relished at the part.

“It’s a really dark part, in a different way from horror films like The Sake Of Vicious or Motherly. This was about real-life issues,” he said. “My guy was a bit of a weird character. He takes students under his wing.”

“We’re led to believe the student in the film has had a rough go. My character could be a champion for her, and help out. But instead he ends up the villain.”

For Smyth, it was a more disquieting role because the plot of the film was more grounded than other efforts.

“I was up for a challenge. This film was uncomfortable, and had more to do with real life than crazy horror,” he said.

“When I compare this with something like The Sake Of Vicious, that film is almost cartoonish at times. It’s just a different paint used here. When you see my character, he almost instantly makes you uncomfortable around him.”

Smyth says that he tried to ensure his character was a bit more subtle than the previous role.

“There’s just something in my eyes for this character. I was shooting for something different,” he said. “People will just see something off about this guy. I tried to hit my zone, not over-act, and I hope I nailed it down.”

The film – done by Marvista Entertainment, who were recently acquired by Fox – was shot in Hamilton, Ont.

“It was a month-long shoot. It was so fun being able to tap into different acting muscles,” said Smyth. “It seems like each time I do a film, there are more eyeballs and a bigger audience. It’s another great opportunity in my career.”

With The Price Of Fitting In available to stream, the Ontario-based Smyth now has his eyes set on a project in his hometown Halifax.

“It’s looking good that my next project will take me back to Halifax. It’d be the first time in my career that work has taken me back. Halifax is blowing up lately with the industry growing and the tax credit,” he said.

Smyth alludes to a March announcement that the Progressive Conservative government has invested $23-million to boost the film industry in Nova Scotia.

“My goal is to get home more and more. I left because it was hard to get work, but Halifax will always be home,” he said.

“I would love to see it get to a point where Halifax actors don’t have to go elsewhere to get work. The more productions we have, the more opportunities there are. This would be incredible.”


About the Author: Jordan Parker

Jordan Parker is a freelance journalist and runs entertainment firm Parker PR. He's been a movie nerd since he was old enough to walk.
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