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Singer Lindsay Misiner returns to Halifax with a new story to tell

After taking a four-year break to tackle a solo career in Ontario, the Halifax-based singer reunites with her band the 7th Mystic and plays The Carleton on October 22
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Lindsay Misiner and the 7th Mystic

A local artist and her nine-piece band has been making waves ever since they reunited late last year after taking a four-year hiatus.

Lindsay Misiner and the 7th Mystic originally formed seven years ago when the Halifax-based singer was just 18 years old. Although the alternative soul act quickly established its presence in the city at the time with regular shows at The Carleton, the band’s momentum soon came to a halt in 2017.

“We were gaining quite a lot of success in the city and then I went to Ontario for four years,” explains Misiner, who set off to tackle the music industry in Toronto — eventually moving back in August of 2020.

“It was great at the beginning (but) I just kind of missed my band, if you want to know the honest truth. I’ve been doing the solo thing for years but there is nothing like playing with my 9-piece — it’s just a magical thing.”

Although her trip to Ontario didn’t necessarily end up with a song or album climbing to the top of the charts, the years Misiner spent in the GTA certainly weren’t a waste of time either. In fact, the excursion ended up dramatically changing Misiner’s life for the better.

Having gained attention in the music industry early on, the young singer found herself with a serious drug addiction which she battled even as her band grew in popularity in Atlantic Canada. However, Misiner realized the path she was on was quickly becoming a road to nowhere.

“A lot of the music I was writing while I was actively using was a cry for help really,” notes Misiner, who took the opportunity to escape to Ontario partly as a way to sober up and battle her addictions.  Having successfully taken that journey, Misiner admits she has returned with a much firmer grip on her music and her life.

“The music that I write is speaking on those experiences but in a way that you can tell I’ve definitely moved past it (and) I feel like instead of a cry for help, it’s now help for others,” adds Misiner. “Now I’m able to relate to people more and write songs about the struggles and I can actually help people through the music that we make."

Misiner admits the sojourn to sobriety hasn’t been easy. She notes that the temptation of drugs is prevalent, especially in the music industry. However, the 25-year-old artist doesn’t take her sobriety for granted either. In fact, she is determined not only to remain on the path of clean living but also support others struggling with addiction through her stagecraft.

“When we’re performing I always talk — because I’m a storyteller — and I always let people know if (they are) out there struggling, look at me,” adds Misiner. “That’s one of the reasons why I (do this) — to make sure that people understand that you can be overdosing in a bathroom, or you can be on a stage, or painting a picture, or doing something that is really constructive.”

Misiner is particularly proud that, along with the 7th Mystic, she will be celebrating her new lease on life and the band’s first show at The Carleton since their reunion. While she is excited to bring her eclectic band’s newfound positive energy and enthusiasm to one of the 7th Mystic’s old venues on October 22, she is also thrilled to help provide a spotlight for new artists by offering the warm-up spot to local 20-year-old Harmony Adesola aka HARMZ.

“He’s just this young blossoming hip-hop and R&B singer and he’s just released his first album and it’s doing really well,” notes Misiner, clearly excited by the opportunity to help out another local artist. “I think that’s something that’s really special about our band — that we can incorporate these other genres and really bring it together as an experience.”

For more information on Lindsay Misiner and the 7th Mystic, visit their website.

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