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Auto auctions: People like you are buying, selling and saving

Manheim Halifax's next Public Auction is Thursday, Oct. 21

Everything has changed and society has learned it is more adaptable than ever before.

Unprecedented numbers of people are telecommuting.

Parents have figured out how to facilitate educating their children from home.

And who hasn’t discovered the thrill of shopping online?

These giant shifts have challenged every aspect of daily life and nothing goes unexamined. Every single thing is now questioned including the ways you can buy or sell your vehicle.

Maybe you desire more control, higher return on the sale of your vehicle or simply want to explore all options available. Maybe you are ready for something different, like an auction.

Manheim Halifax has been facilitating automotive auctions for 15 years. Yet, even with those years of trust and experience, many people still may not understand the valuable alternatives offered by a third-party auction house. Auto dealers are very familiar with Manheim Halifax, but did you know their auctions are not just for dealers but for the public as well?

Fact: there are two important ways Manheim Halifax may be perfect for you.

Every month, Manheim Halifax offers an auction open to the public. These monthly public auctions give you the opportunity to bid on used vehicles. It's your chance to secure the vehicle of your preference, within your budget and experience true market-value savings.

This can be quite advantageous if you are buying from a position of cash in hand or able to pay with a cheque. It is important to note, Manheim Halifax is a third-party auction house and as such, does not offer financing.

Another way Manheim Halifax is a valuable resource is when you decide to sell your vehicle. When your personal ride goes up for sale at an auction, there is good evidence to suggest you will maximize your return on that vehicle.

Manheim Halifax offers you the opportunity every Wednesday to put your vehicle up for auction. If you have invested time and energy to retain the value of your vehicle, this is an optimal way to capitalize on those efforts. Manheim Halifax has the expertise to ensure your experience is both seamless and simple.

Once Manheim Halifax takes custody of your vehicle, it is reviewed through a professional condition report and thoroughly photographed with their exclusive Enhanced Vehicle Imaging. All that information is utilized to dynamically showcase your vehicle on the Manheim Halifax website which stimulates interest in advance of auction day. In most cases, the entire process takes 48 hours which is much quicker and easier than trying to sell it yourself.

As with all things today, Manheim Halifax has developed protocols to ensure all their interactions meet COVID-safe standards, including their auctions and services such as Vehicle Disinfection.

In the past 18 months you have adapted and learned new ways of doing so much. Use that bold new attitude and resilience to try a time-tested different way to sell or buy your next vehicle. And what better time than this week to sell or buy: Manheim Halifax’s next Public Auction is Thursday Oct. 21.

Discover more at Manheim Halifax.

Riley Smith

About the Author: Riley Smith

Riley Smith is a news editor who has been a member of the Village Media team since November 2018. A graduate of history and political science at Algoma University, these also happen to be her favourite topics to read and write about.
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