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Insurance Settlements: Underpaid by 50-100%

As a car accident victim, you expect to be treated fairly by the responsible insurance company. Unfortunately, this rarely happens.
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Imagine this scenario: you are injured in a car accident through the fault of another driver. You are told the insurance settlement offered is the maximum compensation you are entitled to, and not a penny more. As a car accident victim, you expect to be treated fairly by the responsible insurance company. Unfortunately, this rarely happens.

“In our experience, insurance companies offer settlements that are 50-100% lower than what clients can recover with legal representation. Insurance companies will often try to exploit injured people by misleading them about their rights,” says Mike Dull, a litigation lawyer with Halifax law firm Valent Legal. "I give free advice to car accident victims every day because I don't want to see them taken advantage of by insurance adjusters.”

To advocate this issue, Valent Legal offers up a compelling guide titled, 5 Secrets Insurance Adjusters Don’t Want You to Know. This guide breaks down important aspects of the car accident claim process, such as recognizing the role of Insurance Adjusters. The guide also forewarns of predicted tactics insurance companies use to try to minimize the compensation you are owed. 

As Valent Legal explains, if you incur “soft tissue” injuries, there is legislation in Nova Scotia that can limit the dollar value attached to your pain and suffering. In 2010, the province capped the amount of compensation for soft tissue injuries at $7,500 (adjusted annually for inflation). 

Insurance companies routinely tell car accident victims that the “cap” amount is the most they would possibly be entitled to. Most often, this simply isn’t true. What if those injuries impair your ability to work or your quality of life and that cap is unrealistic compensation? 

What insurance adjusters don’t want you to know is that there are numerous categories of loss, which they often purposely overlook. For example, an injured person is entitled to be compensated for the chance the injury will affect future income or work opportunities. If you need medication or ongoing treatment in the future, the insurance company has to pay for that. Compensation for pain and suffering is highly individualistic and ranges depending on how your case is presented.

Far too often, an injured person will feel victimized all over again through the insurance compensation process. After an accident, you may be enduring ongoing pain issues, physical limitations and emotional trauma. As a result, your pursuit for a settlement is likely leaving you overwhelmed, frustrated and vulnerable. Everyone knows at least one person who was left bitter after accepting an unfair insurance settlement because they chose to do it on their own.  

Understanding your legal rights and options will help level the playing field with insurance adjusters. With knowledge, you have the power to make the right decisions for you and your loved ones following a car accident. The Team at Valent Legal is equipped to help you navigate the insurance claims process and negotiate on your behalf to recover the compensation you are entitled to.

To receive your free copy of Five Secrets Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Know, written by Mike Dull, personal injury and insurance lawyer with Valent Legal—click here.

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