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Rebates up to $7,500 heat pumps make more 'cents' than ever

Wilsons Mechanical streamlines government rebate process for homeowners in Halifax area
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With up to $7,500 in government rebates, adding a heat pump makes more sense… and cents.

There is no question that heat pumps offer superior comfort and cost-saving value. The average homeowner often saves 30 to 40 peer cent of their overall heating costs annually with the installation of a whole home heat pump solution.

However, before you can take advantage of the sizeable government rebates, you will require an energy audit first. To streamline that process, Wilsons Mechanical will connect you with an Efficiency Nova Scotia recognized and local energy auditor partner.

This is an important and value process for you as a homeowner. Your energy auditor will make energy saving recommendations for upgrades to your home. These recommendations include anything from new doors and windows to insulation. While there are a variety of ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home, in the majority of audits, the first recommendation is the installation of a heat pump.

Along with offering you valuable information as a homeowner, the energy audit is mandatory to qualify for government rebates. As James Reid of Wilsons Mechanical explains, “You need to have the energy audit completed to qualify for these new grants. There’s the rebate of up to $5000 with the new federal program. It's called the Greener Homes Initiative and the homeowner can get up to $5000 back. And then they can also still qualify for the provincial rebate of up to $2500.”

These government rebates are expansive and are designed to be accessible as they apply to both new homes and existing structures.

Here is something to consider: Wilsons Mechanical streamlines the process, making it both quicker and easier for you. As well as arranging your energy audit, Wilsons Mechanical will present you with the specific heat pump manufacturers and models which are on the rebate qualifying list.

It is important to select a company like Wilsons Mechanical which stays current with which manufacturers meet the changing eligibility criteria and all that is required by each rebate program offered. Even before your energy audit is completed, Wilsons Mechanical will give you a breakdown of options and corresponding quotes.

No one appreciates the spectrum of benefits offered by a heat pump more than James Reid, “You know, it’s about the payback. Now, normally [payback is] between five and seven years but obviously with these grants it’s going to be a little quicker. And again, a heat pump should save the average homeowner between 30 to 40% of their overall heating costs annually.”

Whether you are building new or want to improve your heating and cooling costs in your existing home, these government rebates are game-changing. Imagine adding efficient heating going into a Nova Scotia winter at the same time you are saving up to $7,500! This is the most optimal time for you to join the thousands who are already enjoying the benefits of a heat pump whole home solution.

And no team is more qualified, experienced and driven to helping you make this a reality, than Wilsons Mechanical. To learn more:

Riley Barsanti, Community Cares team

About the Author: Riley Barsanti, Community Cares team

Riley is a Communications Specialist and member of the Village Media Cares Team, whose mission is to create meaningful, long-lasting and positive change in the communities we serve.
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