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Spotlight: Clutch Canada Is Taking Off And Disrupting The Auto Industry On The Way, Canada’s first online dealership, brings a streamlined car buying model to an outdated industry by taking the dealership online and conveniently bringing test drives to your door anywhere in Halifax and surrounding.

Buying a vehicle is the second largest purchase for most people and most buyers dread the process. Not only do you have to brave the Nova Scotian elements and walk around large lots while trying to fight a sales spiel, you also have to put in hours of research to make sure that spiel is a good deal.

The US has been bringing cars online for years but Canada seems to be behind the times when it comes to technology and trustworthy practices. With hearing so many horror stories of an outdated process, the dream of Clutch and a streamlined car buying model began.

Clutch launched in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2017 and is celebrating one year of operating this coming November. Their main focus is transparency and they are changing the way people buy cars. is the first online car dealership in the country and their forward-thinking website provides absolutely everything you need from start to finish when buying a car, right online! On each vehicle, you can view professional photography, CarFax™ reports, 210-point inspections, financing information and even highlighted photos of any damage. You could almost say that Clutch is like Amazon but for buying cars.

Clutch has zero commissioned sales people and runs on a concierge model that brings test drives to your home or office. Their “Clutch Concierges” are educated on the vehicles and how the buying process works to give you real information opposed to saying anything they can to push you closer to their next bonus.

The transparency and convenience of not having to leave your neighborhood to test out a vehicle comes as a breath of fresh air to many customers. They are even raving about how simple the process was, especially when comparing it to past experiences.

“From the initial test drive to the sales paperwork—the entire process was extremely professional, seamless and beyond convenient.” - Gisele who bought a 2015 Toyota Corolla L 4‑Speed at Clutch

“From my initial inquiry, to signing the paperwork, the staff at Clutch was prompt and professional. By far the easiest car buying experience I’ve ever had.” - Chris M who bought a 2012 Toyota Corolla CE

Things are taking off at Clutch! As their sales climb and inventory grows, more and more people in HRM are becoming aware that they are here to stay and the industry is changing with Clutch leading the way.


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