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Spotlight: Growing Your Business On The Go!

Get great FREE marketing advice from international digital dynamo Ross Simmonds. Your Rogers Small Business Centre in Sackville is hosting a compelling talk designed to grow your business on the go!

You are so busy running your business, it can be a challenge to grow your business. What if you could do both at the same time?
Discover how to create business growth as mobile as you…from someone already doing it!

Ross Simmonds has become a digital marketing wizard whose expertise has been featured in business publications such as Forbes, Venturebeat and The Globe and Mail.  Along with his company Foundation Marketing, Ross is the co-founder of social media management service Crate and e-commerce site Hustle & Grind.
You are invited to a FREE talk by Ross Simmonds at your Rogers Small Business Centre on Sackville Drive. In this FREE talk, Ross will show you how to easily manage your time and your own productivity while on the go. Ross will also give insight on how to manage a completely remote team working in different time zones plus other valuable strategies in this versatile digital era.
This FREE talk by Ross Simmonds is April 24 th , 6-8pm at Rogers Small Business Centre, 752 Sackville Drive.

Register right now and right here:

Technology is empowering, especially for small business.
Rogers is at the forefront of technology and is innovative in applying it through the Rogers Small Business Centres that offer products, services and events designed to benefit you and your business.

As a small business owner, you share experiences which are only understood by other business owners. 
Rogers Small Business Centres offers opportunities for you and others to share knowledge through dynamic events such as talks by featured experts like Ross Simmonds and "Growing Your Business on the Go". Reserve your FREE seat right now

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