Halifax Naked Bike Ride to streak through downtown Saturday

Strap on the helmet and the sunscreen for the 7th annual Halifax Naked Bike Ride.

The event will hit the streets of downtown Halifax tomorrow, and the riders are expecting get lots of attention when they’re out bicycling in the buff.

Organizer Tom MacDonald doesn’t call himself an exhibitionist. He said the 80 men and women enjoy stripping off and painting up, and most people seem to enjoy watching them.

“Their jaws drop and they start laughing and snapping pictures,” said MacDonald.  “We do have the occasional person who gets offended, but I’d say by and large, it’s nothing but fun for everyone.”

Constable Pierre Bourdages told News 95.7, there’s only been one complaint since the event started, and no charges came from it.

“For public nudity, unless there is another offence attached to that, an indecent act or something else on top of nudity, you require the consent of the attorney general to proceed with charges,”  said Bourdages.

Bourdages said some people may be shocked, but for the most part they’re accepting.


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