Online petition wants ‘Dartmouth’ name restored

Over 1,000 people have signed an online petition asking city hall to restore the name Dartmouth.

A new events sign at Sullivan’s Pond has removed Dartmouth as an identifier, and replaced it with the newly re-branded Halifax.

Councillor Gloria McCluskey told The Rick Howe Show, she plans on bringing the issue up at an upcoming meeting.

“I understand when you’re out there promoting the area, it’s Halifax when you’re across the pond or in any other parts of Canada, but don’t be throwing this in the face of the residents,” said McCluskey.

Blogger Kate Watson agreed there’s no reason to take away community identities.

“There’s all sorts of people who say, ‘Oh get over it, amalgamation happened’ and it’s true, that boat has sailed,” she said. “We’re amalgamated, but I think we can be community proud without being parochial.”

Watson hopes the attention will make the municipality a little more sensitive to community names.

The petition also calls for the name Dartmouth to be restored as an address identifier and on voter registration.

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