Councillor says more public education is needed on how to file police complaints

By Mark Hodgins

One regional councillor says while proper procedures are in place, the public needs more education on how to complain about police interactions. 

Steve Craig, who also serves as chair of the Board of Police Commissioners, says in speaking with citizens, it's clear there's a need for discourse. 

“When I'm talking to people they indicate 'why bother?', that perhaps nothing's going to happen or they don't know the process,” Craig said.

He's bringing forward a motion at the next board meeting looking for a complaint communication plan, which he says would be another way of making sure Haligonians know their rights and how to file a complaint. 

“I just want to ensure that as a governance organization our citizens know that they absolutely have a right to file a complaint and that it will be taken seriously,” said Craig. 

Information on how to file a complaint is available on the HRP and RCMP websites, but Craig says he's hoping for a more direct education piece. 

The councillor says he has informed both HRP and RCMP brass about his upcoming motion, and understands both to be open to the idea. 

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