‘Education minister tampering with special services at schools’: local advocacy group

By Shelli Summers

The group 'Nova Scotia Parents for Public Education' wants the education minister to stop tampering with school speech pathologists and other professionals whose services are required by many children.

The comments come after Zach Churchill said those positions would no longer be certified.

Stacey Rudderham said her group has sent a letter to the minister outlining its concerns.

She told the Rick Howe Show those professional groups are basically being taken out of the unions. 

According to Rudderham, speech pathologists and psychologists work collaboratively with teachers.

“They're basically not going to be certifying these specialists to work in these schools anymore,” she said. “To us, it appears to be a method to take them out of the union.” 

Rudderham said the professional positions in question will become term positions which takes away job security and prospects for setting up a career in the education field. 



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