Gas prices fall in N.B. and P.E.I.

By Dan Ahlstrand

Gasoline prices in both New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island fell overnight.

In an unscheduled change, the P.E.I. Regulatory and Appeals Commission lowered the price for gasoline on the island by 5.7 cents at midnight to 167.8.

Diesel prices in P.E.I. fell by 5.8 cents to 209.5.

In New Brunswick, the Energy and Utilities Board invoked the interruptor clause on gasoline, lowering gas prices by 9.3 cents to a new maximum price of 1.64-even.

Diesel prices in New Brunswick did not change.

Prices did not change in Nova Scotia, with gasoline steady at 172.8 and diesel at 205.6.

The Utility and Review Board's next scheduled adjustment is scheduled for Friday morning.

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