NS lobster product company strikes deal with Dragons

By CityNews Halifax Staff

One Mahone Bay-based company has successfully pitched their almost instant lobster product to the Dragon's Den entrepreneurs. 
Lobster Made Easy is a product described by the founder as an easy, quick and smell-free way to enjoy lobster. 
Mark Lowe is the founder of the company. He says the idea came from a need to cook lobster without all the hassle. 
“One day, I went home to have lunch at the house I built on the water with my wife, she asked what I was having for lunch, I said 'lobster,' she says 'no you're not I don't like the smell, and you're not going to ruin this house' so I was outside at the BBQ trying to boil water at the time it was 15 degrees, and I thought hey, this is archaic,” Lowe told CityNews. 
“It took quite a while to come up with the concept, a lot of trial and error and a lot of lobster eating was involved, good or bad,” he explained. 
Lowe says the lobster is pre-cooked, and all it takes is six minutes in the microwave on high, draining the brine from the package, and the lobster is ready for consumption. 
Lowe says there is no other product on the market like his when it comes to enjoying lobster, and the concept took quite a while to perfect. 

“We've taken our time for a couple of years now to get it done; now we've perfected it, so now it's time to go into the market,” Lowe said. 
Lowe says he's built businesses in the past, so the company and product were funded initially by his cash flow. 
Lowe says being on the Dragon's Den was a great learning opportunity, and the amount of advertising from just being on the show was well-worth the trip. 
“Deal or no deal, any entrepreneur take it, go see them, talk to them – there's a wealth of information on that stage, different backgrounds, everybody had something to say, positive or negative,” said Lowe. 
Lowe says Arlene Dickinson, one of the dragons on the show, is an expert on consumer packaged goods, and the company will learn on her knowledge when entering the retail market. 
Lobster Made Easy is currently doing all its manufacturing in Cape Breton and should receive a few million pounds in lobster from the processors in the area. 
Lowe says they source lobster at the height of the season when most lobsters are caught, and because it is a frozen product and is shelf-stable, they can do their processing when the lobster is most reasonably priced, which should remove much of the fluidity attached to the price of lobster. 
“The idea is you can buy that same lobster in Miami or you can buy in Mahone Bay at the same price and same quality,” Lowe said. 
Lowe says the company hopes to sell around five million units within the next two years. 
Those looking to try the product can head down to Pier 21 on Oct. 1, where Lobster Made Easy will have a mobile unit set up. The company will also be participating in Salt Scapes at the end of October, but those who can't wait till then can head to their weekend kiosk in Mahone Bay.

Lowe says his company's product should be in local grocers by the holiday season. 

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