Buying a used car in today’s market

By Danae Ingram

Not so many years ago, buying a used car was considered an unpleasant, complicated, and confrontational experience.

A buyer would go to multiple used car lots, find a car they liked and haggle to buy it at the lowest possible price, hoping to get a fair price but wondering whether that was possible. The seller would only want to offer one of their in-stock vehicles and sell it at the highest possible price. Right away, there were stress-filled, conflicting agendas.

Make no mistake, there are used car dealers who still operate that way in a transactional manner, but there is a new and better way emerging today.

A new direction

From that murky past, a new style of used car dealer has been created. Service-driven, with non-commissioned finance and sales specialists, armed with the confidence that if you buy the vehicle you want from them and your experience is quick, convenient and even fun, you’ll spread the good word and return to them for your next car purchase.

This is the relational model that smart dealers are adopting.

The review is real

It’s not just your future business that they’re hoping for, although that is a compelling reason.

It’s your friends’, family members’, and neighbours’ business that they want to attract by word of mouth. It’s making the buying experience exceedingly more pleasant so that customers will recommend them with a good review or rating. Word travels quickly across social media and online review sites.

In the end, this relationship-driven business model works well for buyers and sellers alike.

Best practices

Some of the best practices today’s used car dealers are embracing include, sourcing the vehicle you want at the best price from their wide list of automobile contacts, getting you financed at the lowest rates possible given your credit history and sometimes even delivering it to your door.

Look for specialists who offer you top trade-in allowances, understand your situation and provide personal service every step of the way. It doesn’t have to be an ordeal.

Financing options included

Most dealers have a free, confidential, no-impact credit check tool you can access on their website if you don’t know your credit status.

They’ll also estimate your monthly or bi-weekly payments on any given vehicle. Service-driven dealers can shop around for best-rate financing utilizing their proven relationships with a selection of lenders, and even deliver your vehicle anywhere in Atlantic Canada once your deal is complete.

The bottom line

You start out searching for a used car that will serve you well for a long time, but if you need help navigating the world of used vehicles, payments, and interest rates, get started by asking around. Your friends, neighbours, and colleagues should be able to steer you in the right direction.

Check reviews online to get a realistic overview of dealers in your area, and then go to their website to begin your convenient, stress-free, used car buying journey.

Race Auto Group, Atlantic Canada’s one-stop shop for buying quality vehicles at unbeatable prices, in business for fifteen years and family owned, will happily supply you with further information.

Specialists in the used car market, Race Auto Group will answer further questions online or 1-888-836-7223 (toll free) or 902-830-7223 locations in Halifax, Lower Sackville and Truro.

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