Optimizing Home Heating with Wilsons Mechanical

By Erlynn Gococo

In the world of home heating and cooling, one innovative solution has been gaining traction: the combination of heat pump and propane heating systems. This dynamic duo, often referred to as “add-ons,” offers homeowners a versatile, efficient and comfortable way to regulate indoor temperatures.

Wilsons Mechanical wants consumers to understand how these two systems complement each other and the many benefits they provide to homeowners.

The Add-On Approach

The concept behind combining a heat pump and propane heating system is both simple and ingenious. The heat pump, typically installed on top of a propane furnace in the plenum, functions as an additional heating and cooling source. The heat pump and propane system operate independently, ensuring that homeowners have access to the most appropriate heating solution for any given situation.

Heat pump and propane system collaboration

The collaboration between the heat pump and propane system primarily occurs during the defrost stage, when both systems are in operation simultaneously. However, this is a rarity. In most cases, the heat pump carries the lion’s share of the heating needs. The thermostat is programmed to run the heat pump for the majority of the time; the propane will come on periodically during defrost cycles and during extreme cold conditions (-15C and below). Heat pumps can efficiently provide both heating during milder conditions and cooling during the hot summer months.

Propane, on the other hand, plays a crucial role when facing extremely cold temperatures or in emergency situations. This dynamic balance ensures that homeowners can maintain superior comfort, clean and efficient heating, cooling, and dehumidification throughout the year.

What are the benefits?

The are many advantages of this synergistic combination. Homeowners can enjoy superior comfort, as the systems work together seamlessly to provide the ideal indoor climate, regardless of the season. The heat pump’s ability to cool and dehumidify in the summer months ensures that you remain comfortable year-round.

Many homes do not have an abundance of additional capacity in the electrical panel, so add-on heat pumps can help to elevate electrical upgrades.

As well, indoor air quality can be significantly enhanced by adding components such as high-efficiency filtration, humidification systems, and UV lights to eliminate harmful viruses. This additional layer of protection can be a vital consideration, especially in today’s world.

Finally, the inclusion of a propane heating system opens up the possibility to have it professionally-connected to a generator panel, which can help increase your home’s resilience during power outages.

Next Steps

If you are considering the installation of a heat pump and propane heating system, Wilsons Mechanical is your trusted partner. They offer a streamlined process to ensure that your home’s heating and cooling needs are met with precision.

Ready to get started? Contact Wilsons Mechanical to request a sales visit. Their experienced sales team will schedule a free heat pump consultation and quote. During this visit, a knowledgeable member of the Wilsons sales team will discuss the best options for your specific requirements and present a detailed quote.

Once a customer accepts the quote, a designer will visit to plan the necessary materials and manpower required to complete the task. The job is then scheduled through a dispatch team, and qualified professionals are sent to the customer’s home, usually completing the installation over a two-day period.

Wilsons Mechanical takes immense pride in their work and adheres to all required codes and standards to ensure the proper installation and operation of your system.

A Team of Experts

Wilsons Mechanical boasts a vast team of personnel, each specializing in specific areas of the HVAC industry. They work closely with their propane division, ensuring that every job is meticulously planned and executed efficiently. Above all, they value customer feedback and rely on clients to share their personal experiences.

The combination of heat pump and propane heating systems is a winning formula for homeowners seeking the ultimate in comfort and efficiency. Contact Wilsons Mechanical to embark on this journey toward superior indoor climate control and a safer, healthier home environment. With unparalleled expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust that your heating and cooling needs are in the best hands possible. Contact Wilsons Mechanical today!

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