Is your home as secure as it can be?

By Myrna Burgoyne

Your System – Your Budget

You lock your doors; you close your windows; you close the garage door when you go out. Is that enough to help keep your home safe from break-ins or vandalism?

What exactly do you need to know about home security?

An initial assessment is necessary for your home, its environment, and your lifestyle so that you can decide on the options best suited to you. Your peace of mind is the goal.

Tracey Conrad, Regional Residential Consultant with Wilsons Security states that success begins with the client’s needs, first and foremost. “Some people only want basic intrusion service. If they travel a lot or have regular away-from-home time, they may only want a monitoring system to alert authorities in the case of an attempted break-in or robbery.

Others might choose to include additional services that automate their home’s door locks and garage doors and connects to their smart phones for remote access. Getting a few miles down the road before wondering, ‘Did I close that garage door?’ and just pulling over to check your smartphone is so easy. If the door is open, you can close it from wherever you are! Simple.”

With a range of compatible devices, like cameras, door locks, and lighting controls, your chosen devices can be integrated to work together as part of your security system and controlled with your smartphone.

Weather Worries

With unpredictable weather patterns and mega storms wreaking havoc of late, many people wish to include smoke and flood monitoring, and low temperature alerts in their home security.

Tracey explains, “As an example, if your old hot water heater or your in-floor heating springs a leak, or clothes- and dishwashers malfunction while you’re out, or heavy rains find a pathway into your home, when you have flood detection included in your security monitoring plan, your monitoring station will be sent an alert as soon as there is a quarter of an inch of water accumulated. A message will also go straight to your smartphone so you’re aware of what’s happening in your home, with the knowledge that it’s being reported to your monitoring station. Early detection can make a huge difference to your final outcome and the potential impact of water damage.”

Your Life, Your System

“We take our clients’ lifestyles into account when recommending a system. For example, if the homeowners have a dog or a cat, we consider that when installing motion detectors,” says Tracey. “It’s important to set up your system so that it isn’t sending an alert every time the dog goes to his water dish.”

Tracey continues, “In my experience, parents especially appreciate the ability to add cameras and even speakers to their system. There is peace of mind in seeing who is at the door from wherever you are, and keeping in touch with the babysitter and saying goodnight to the kids when you aren’t home.”

Life Safety

There’s a lot more to home security than turning lights on and off remotely. Your security system can also monitor your home for potentially dangerous conditions. Monitored smoke detectors alert the homeowner and the monitoring station when fire might be present, so that the fire department can be dispatched in a timely manner. This is helpful if you travel and are not always home to hear the smoke alarm. Monitored carbon monoxide detectors are another important addition to a security system, helping to expedite the emergency response if toxic levels of carbon monoxide are detected.

Changing Providers

If you already have a home security system in place but are looking to switch monitoring providers, Wilsons Security is happy to take you through their solutions and use as much of your current system as possible to begin building a new system that works for you and your family. You don’t need to start all over again. It’s simple and easy with just one call or email!

Insurance Savings

Many insurance companies offer a discount on your home insurance if you have a security monitoring system in place. It’s often between 5% and 15%, depending on your insurance supplier. Contact your agent for details.

What can Wilsons Security do for you?

Home- and business owners are relying on the forward-thinking practices at Wilsons Security to provide the utmost protection for loved ones and investments. With many satisfied clients’ testimonials, and strong brand recognition, Wilsons Security can provide professional 24/7 monitoring of your home and investment.

Contact Tracey Conrad, your Regional Residential Consultant at Wilsons Security today. Serving Atlantic Canada and Alberta, call toll-free 1-866-453-3388 or online at Wilsons Security.

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