Province announces new programs to add more childcare spaces

The Nova Scotia Government announced two new childcare programs are being implemented.

According to a statement from the province, these new programs will help existing not-for-profit centres to make minor renovations that will allow for the creation of more childcare spaces, along with assisting those interested in becoming family home providers with start up costs.

Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development Becky Druhan says childcare spaces are in high demand across the province and there is a need to be innovative in how childcare is made more accessible.

Under the Minor Infrastructure Program, existing or new licenced not for profit childcare providers can qualify for up to $250,000 in funding for these renovations and the Family Home Start-up program will provide up to $7,500 to help people open a regulated site.

These two programs represent a total investment of $11 million dollars from the Canada-Nova Scotia Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement, a five year agreement to transport childhood education and care in the province.

Applications for both programs will be open in January.

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