Parking ban in effect in HRM Wednesday morning

If you park on the street in HRM, you will have to find alternative arrangements overnight tonight.

HRM says they will enforce the overnight winter parking ban from 1 am until 6 am Wednesday in both Zone 1 and Zone 2

All vehicles must be off the street or be subject to a ticket, towed or both.

Planters, lawn decorations and any other portable objects near the sidewalk should be removed before the winter. Any permanent structures or objects too big to move should be marked with a reflector visible above the snow to help crews identify obstacles.

Vehicles obstructing a driveway or sidewalk are prone to damage and become dangerous for crews. Such obstacles prevent crews from clearing the sidewalks properly, which can quickly become an accessibility issue for pedestrians, seniors, people with mobility issues and parents pushing strollers.

The municipality also reminds residents that they must ensure the snow they clear is piled on their property. It is against municipal by-laws to throw or pile snow on the street or sidewalk.

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