Halifax expects people will comply with encampment evictions set for Monday

The Halifax Regional Municipality has released an update ahead of Monday’s eviction date for people living in five de-designated tenting encampments.

In a statement on Friday, HRM said about 25 of the 55 people living at the five encampments, including Grande Parade, Victoria Park and Lower Sackville, had moved into other housing options including The Overlook, the Multi-Purpose Centre of the Halifax Forum, the modulars and the Waverley Inn.

HRM added it was waiting on confirmation from the province for the opening of those 19 Pallet Shelters in Lower Sackville, as it expected a number of the people at the Correctional Service Park would move there. On Thursday evening, the province told CityNews it was “reflecting” on those shelters after significant pushback from the community.

“Based on the progress made to date, the municipality expects that all those sheltering in the de-designated locations will comply with the notice to vacate by February 26,” the statement read. “However, if the date passes and not all individuals have vacated, there will be a measured approach where each situation will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.”

It said the Geary Street green space encampment has been completely vacated.

The statement said if someone refuses to leave, the municipality will work with them to figure out what the barriers are, and will pass the information on to the province and service providers to determine a solution.

As for potential protests, HRM said it’s aware of planned protests on Saturday and on Monday.

“While it is recognized that people have a right to protest, the municipality wants to make it clear that any violence and/or destruction of property will not be tolerated and any unsafe situations will be dealt with as required, which would include support from police services. “

Encampment locations are being closed to the public and will be fenced off to allow for “remediation” once people living there have vacated, the statement read.

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