Council takes early step toward new neighbourhood near Windsor St. exchange

Halifax councillors have taken a step toward considering a proposed development for the north end.

The high-density proposal from Dynamic Properties Co. Ltd. aims to create a new neighbourhood along Strawberry Hill St. between Windsor and Kempt, with 14 buildings and more than 3,600 units.

Regional council voted unanimously on Tuesday to direct the CAO to consider amendments to planning strategies to allow for the development.

Area councillor Lindell Smith said there was a long way to go on this project.

“I know there was some nervousness from the community when they saw the renders that came from the landowners,” Smith said. “Just for clarity, those are what the landowners want, it’s not what they’ll get. This is a long process and will be, as it says in the motion, comprehensive.”

Smith said there will be an opportunity for public input on this proposal. He added that’s likely months away, and suggested this work will be taken up by a new council after the fall election.

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