Police in Bridgewater say extremist graffiti on the rise

By CityNews Halifax Staff

Police in Bridgewater are reporting a “rash” of graffiti featuring the symbol of the group, Diagolon.

Bridgewater Police says it’s had multiple reports over the past two weeks of the flag of the Diagolon being spray-painted on public and private property around town.

It describes the symbol as a black flag with a white diagonal stripe, the force adding the Diagolon has been designated a violent extremist organization by the Canadian Integrated Terrorism Assessment Centre.

The incident comes after the public works department notified the RCMP earlier this month about symbols spray painted on Hwy 103 in the Lunenburg area.

A provincial spokesperson didn’t confirm what those symbols were, but did say the government “condemns” Diagolon, which it referred to as a far-right extremist group.

Police in Bridgewater says the cost of removing graffiti is taken on by taxpayers and private citizens and they remind residents with information to get in touch with local authorities.

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