Approaching heat wave expected to bring heightened wildfire risk to Nova Scotia

By CityNews Halifax Staff

Beachgoers will be basking oceanside later this week as the first major heat wave of the season comes to Nova Scotia just ahead of the first day of summer.

Heat warnings currently gripping Ontario could be here later this week, as that weather system heads eastward through southern Quebec and northeastern parts of the United States before reaching the province Wednesday and Thursday.

Environment Canada said that high ridge of pressure won’t bring much rain, but will deliver lots of heat.

Meteorologist Bob Robichaud said temperatures are expected to be in the high 20s C or low 30s C but the humidity will make temperatures feel closer to 40.

According to Robichaud, the heat combined with lack of rain could also raise the risk for wildfires.

“Whenever you have very warm conditions like this and dry conditions, it acts to dry that finer fuel out that much faster,” he told CityNews Halifax.

“So (we are) certainly looking at an elevated (wildfire) risk as we go into midweek this week.”

Robichaud adds that Thursday is expected to be the hottest day of this week, with a bit of relief coming Friday with cooler temperatures developing on the weekend.

He said N.S. normally sees this type of weather later in the summer but this heat wave is not totally out of the ordinary, adding 33 C is the record for Thursday.

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