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The enduring power of print in the digital age

Why print is still the medium that grabs attention
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We live in a world saturated by images.

It’s the prime currency of social media, where information flows quickly, most often in the form of photos or videos. Some might argue the printed word has lost its cachet.

Not so fast, say some business leaders. Embracing technology is important, but offline still has its place.

“Print is absolutely relevant,” says John Copp, president of Creative Curve Media. “Just like radio will never go away, neither will print. It’s great that things are gravitating towards an online presence, but I think print is still a very relevant form of advertising. I don’t really see that ever going away.”

With a lot of online marketing you need to engage with it first, he says. You have to turn on your iPad before you see the Google ad directed at you. Yet you could just be walking down the street, or sitting in a restaurant, and see a sign advertising an upcoming event. Without even trying, you learned some new information. It found you.

Signs, whether advertisements, informational, or directional, are one of the most effective ways to convey a message quickly and to provide guidance. They grab your attention without you having to look for them. As a printed material, viewers can easily review and absorb your message.

Businesses still advertise on online news media sites, of course, Copp is quick to point out. His company offers web development including social media management—a service they provide now that didn’t even exist 15-20 years ago. “As one thing may fade, others become stronger,” he explains.

“The most effective campaign always involves a blending of media types to hit, reinforce, and remind,” says Keith Dexter, CEO of Helmco Capital. He too believes that print is key.

“Print resonates. It is a constant. In a world of social, quick flash and catch, effective signage done in an edgy format and positioned in the correct location, event, or setting, well, it gets noticed. And being a constant—not a quick flash—can actually give one the edge, as opposed to being part of the herd,” he says.

Dexter owns multiple businesses, including Gateway Insurance Group, Mclean Hallmark Gateway, SDC Real Estate Ltd, and W5 Business Group. Each of these companies uses Copp and his team for their design, advertising, signage, and print needs. They’ve had exterior display signage, branded outdoor event tents, and boardroom brand signs made for them, often fielding questions about who provided them.

Creative Curve Media does a lot of work with charities, helping them increase awareness and visibility. Community giving is one of the company’s core values: their annual Helping Hands Fund provides $10,000 in in-kind services for local non-profit organizations. The goal? To help local charities enhance their image, expand their services, and extend their marketing budgets.

Doubtless, every successful marketing campaign these days involves a strong and well-thought-out print component.

Creative Curve Media is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They provide a wide range of graphic design, web development, and print services.


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