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The science of being comfortable in your own home

Meet the comfort experts who know how to navigate Nova Scotia’s ever-changing climate

Technology is seamlessly threaded through all aspects of daily life, including your home comfort system.

You are no longer just heating or cooling your living space; you can enjoy interior climate control with systems that can dehumidify and even purify the air. The climate comfort company more Nova Scotians trust is Wilsons Mechanical.

Whether it’s ducted or ductless heat pumps or units solely addressing air quality management, Wilsons Mechanical offers a range of efficient and energy-conserving products, all of which are supported by industry-leading warranties and service.

First, Wilsons Mechanical’s comfort specialists will work with you to understand your needs and which products are best suited to you and your space.

Many considerations will need to be made, such as the size of the space, optimal equipment location, the flexibility of installation and your budget.

Based on all the criteria in question, Wilsons Mechanical may suggest a ductless heat pump system which are popular for a multitude of reasons. Today’s ductless heat pump systems are clean, quiet, operated by handheld remote and are simple to install. These units are mounted on the wall inside your space, with the exterior component positioned on the ground or affixed to the foundation based on your preference. The minimally-intrusive method of installation makes these ductless heat pump units almost as appealing as the cost-saving they offer.

After adding ductless heap pump units from Wilsons Mechanical, customers are typically able to reduce heat costs while enjoying air conditioning and dehumidification. Wilsons Mechanical offers ductless heat pump systems by trusted industry-leading brands like Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Lennox, General Electric, and Kerr.

If you are building a new home, undertaking a major renovation, or if your home already has ducting, you can take advantage of a central heat pump system.

These systems are able to efficiently heat or cool your entire home by distributing air through ducts, as opposed to ductless heat pumps that are best suited to heating the specific rooms they are installed in. Wilsons Mechanical has the experience and products to design a solution suited to your space. The team will calculate the size of which products are needed to ensure year-round comfort and maximum cost efficiency with the lowest environmental footprint.

Now, more than ever, we are cognizant of air quality.

Wilsons Mechanical offers air quality control solutions equipped for filtration of viruses, bacteria, allergens, pet dander and even include hospital-grade HEPA systems. Plus, whenever any heat pump undergoes important regular maintenance, the Wilsons Mechanical service technician can provide air quality testing.

Wilsons Mechanical will only install quality, trusted products.

With experts trained to help you find the best system for your home and its existing infrastructure, you will discover interior climate comfort that is trouble-free, quiet, energy-efficient, easy to use and adaptive to the changing exterior conditions.

It is critical to underline that climate-control systems are most effective when installed by a professional and protected when purchased from a respected company. HVAC Manager, Mark Gillis, “Having qualified professional people install or maintain your heat pump is extremely crucial. Because if it's not done properly, it could affect the efficiency of the unit. Proper maintenance done by a skilled professional is also crucial to ensure the unit is not compromised.

If you have yet to transition to a heat pump and the amazing benefits of such a climate comfort system, the key consideration about why you should make that switch, as explained by Gillis, is “As well as warmth and heating in winter months and cooling and dehumidifying in the summer months, there are considerable savings there… anywhere from 40 to 50% when compared to electric baseboard heating”

These past few years have truly underlined the importance of your personal living spaces and no company appreciates what that means to you more than Wilsons Mechanical.

When you are ready to “Bring Fresh Air Home” choose from the array of products available from the dedicated team at Wilsons Mechanical.

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