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Wilsons Security: ‘Protecting your business with cameras’

There is one technical advantage beneficial for every business. Local business empowers Halifax business owners with peace of mind.

Ask any business owner how much they have invested in their company and they’ll tell you – the energy, attention, focus, resources, emotional and mental investment dominates their every waking thought.

With so much on the line, they need to protect their investment.

One of the most valuable ways to safeguard a business is found within a secure camera system.

The primary benefit is peace of mind. A security system ensures there is a valuable and accurate record of who is visiting or what is happening when the business is both operating and closed. Many business owners find tremendous comfort in knowing there is a digital eye monitoring their business when they are not physically on-site.

But, what does setting up a secure camera system entail?

Mark LeRue, Manager of Sales and Business Development at Wilsons Security, says it’s essential to evaluate your business’ unique needs and ask yourself, how do you plan to use your system, and what goal do you want it to achieve for you?

“What makes it unique with Wilsons, is we don’t do a “one size fits all”. We don't sell kits. We will actively come out and do a site assessment, get to understand your business and what it is you are trying to protect.”

Once you know what you want to achieve, it’s time to select a camera model that ticks all your boxes. It’s imperative you choose trusted, tried-and-true brands that can hold up to your business’ growth. Some solutions are great for smaller operations and others have the ability to add cameras and capability as your business evolves.

LeRue says, “The value that Wilsons brings is that we are not pigeonholed to one solution for our clients, rather, we are able to go and pick the right brands that match all of your specific requirements.

It is important to note how your cameras will integrate with the physical space, because placement is critical to the effectiveness of the system. You want to make sure key areas of your business are covered by your cameras, such as entrances; cash registers; or isolated areas like loading docks or stock rooms. You also want to make sure your cameras aren’t easily accessed by the public, to reduce physical tampering.

“Not just from a software perspective but from a physical installation perspective, Wilsons Security has qualified technicians who are trained on the equipment that we install.” LeRue continues “Our technicians also know how to best install the equipment to get the field of view that you are choosing.”

When you’re setting up your camera system, be aware of potential hacking risks.

Like many things in life, it is often simple things which make us vulnerable, such as not changing passwords from the system default. To that, LeRue says “Make sure you’re updating that password on your router, and choosing something that is not easily guessed. And if you’re going to offer public WiFi, make sure it’s not the same network your cameras are on.”

You can also help protect against hacking by ensuring your camera system’s installation is secure. “A couple of years ago there were news articles about the ability to penetrate some security systems. When I say security systems, I mean CCTV systems and it was mostly due to not updating firmware, not doing proper Installation checklists.” LeRue explains, “The advantage in going with Wilsons, is our consultative approach ensures that you not only have the system that meets your needs based on the expectations you have, but our professional installation ensures that this system has proper security measures put in place to reduce network hacking.”.

Along with offering security systems tailored to suit each customer, Wilsons Security is a local company invested in their clients’ success and satisfaction.

LeRue: “We pride ourselves on being trusted professionals and ensuring that we are approaching this as an advocate for our clients; making sure their needs are met.”

Help protect your business with a security system tailored to your needs from the trusted team at Wilsons Security.

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