Halifax transformations over the last decade

By Ryan Bellefontaine

A lot has changed in Halifax over the past decade. But you don't need to find old photos to see the transformation. Google Maps street view offers a quick option for viewing the city before the latest construction booms. 

1633 Market St.



The heart of downtown reveals the heart of the transformation of Halifax. This one shot of the city saw the Nova Centre, The Dillon, The Jade, The Roy, and The Maple tower over the city after a single decade.

5471 Clyde St. 

5471 Clyde St 2022


The Spring Garden area has entirely transformed over the previous ten years. The new library is on the right with the Doyle in front of it. The Mary Anne and The Margaretta have filled parking lots to the left, and the Mills Brothers project is just starting to rise behind The Mary Anne.

3617 Dutch Village Rd.

3617 Dutch Village Rd 2022


The view of the empty grass lot at this address in 2012 is quite striking now that United Gulf Developments has constructed three separate apartment buildings. Their project added hundreds of new Fairview community members.

2000 Brunswick St.

2000 Brunswick St 2022


Since 2012 the Brunswick street entrance to Downtown Halifax has added a Hampton Inn, as well as hundreds of housing units from 19Twenty Apartments, The Anthony and soon to be The Trinity. This year, the Cogswell interchange transformation has begun just steps away.

717 Wright Ave.

717 Wright Ave 2022


The first apartment building in Dartmouth crossing is now under construction, but the 2010s saw the buzz of the IKEA opening and the arcade Playdium. The area still has countless empty square meters which will most likely see development over the next decade.

2798 Isleville St.

2798 Isleville St 2022


This view nicely summarizes the increasing density and gentrification of Halifax's north end. Three residential buildings completed and two under construction in just one frame. Just a few steps to the right and you'd see The Bloom which was also recently constructed with hundreds more housing units.

173 Knightsridge Dr.

173 Knightsridge Dr 2022


The next time you are observing the handful of modern apartment buildings while you are driving down Wentworth Dr., remember that none of it existed only ten years ago. To the right of the intersection, Eliza Ritchie Crescent added a swath of single-unit housing.

Holtwood Crt.

Holtwood Crt 2022


The Baker drive area in Dartmouth is packed with development potential, as is evidenced by this street and its handful of apartment buildings. None of it existed just ten years ago.

5156 Bishop St.

5156 Bishop St 2022


The Flynn Flatts, The Alexander and The Governor are just three projects showing the Halifax waterfront's recent transition. The Cunard is under construction nearby, and the Queens Marque is complete, leaving the waterfront with quite the makeover.

6122 Young St.

6122 Young St 2022


The Monaghan Square Apartments in the north end of Halifax is just one project in the rapidly changing area, but it also generally represents a change in land usage for the city. In many parts of Halifax, building owners are losing vast sums of potential money by not building residential towers on top of their retail buildings.

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