Nova Scotia premier says election call could come before next summer’s fixed date

By The Canadian Press

Nova Scotia’s premier said he doesn’t think he needs to respect the fixed-date provincial election law his party introduced.

Amendments to the Elections Act fixed the next election for July 15, 2025, but Premier Tim Houston today passed on an opportunity to end early election speculation around a flurry of recent candidate nominations announced by his party.

Houston told reporters that a call could come before the fixed date depending on circumstances, although he wouldn’t be specific about what he was referring to.

He said it’s more important to let voters have their say even if the time for an election “doesn’t suit” the fixed date.

The Opposition Liberals and the NDP say they don’t trust the premier to stick to the legislated date, adding that they will be ready should he call an early election.

The Tories came to power in August 2021 and the fixed election date legislation was among the first laws passed by the new government in October of that year.

Nova Scotia law says that after July 15, 2025, future elections are to take place on the third Tuesday of July every four years.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published June 12, 2024.

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