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Move East has a fitness class for everyone

Located at 6130 Quinpool Road, Move East offers a variety of fitness classes to suit all preferences and skill levels
Move East owner Hannah Kovacs with her mug.

Move East is Halifax’s newest spot to sweat, stretch, and work it out. 

“We are really promoting strength and conditioning, and technique-driven classes,” said owner Hannah Kovacs. 

Located at 6130 Quinpool Road, Move East offers a variety of fitness classes to suit all preferences and skill levels. 

“You have a real variety based on your fitness level, your age, your mood,” Kovacs said. “You have the ability to choose your workout routine.”

The spacious studio is divided into two parts: “the field” for weights-focused classes such as HIIT and strength training, and “the cabin” for heated classes including yoga and aerobics. 

“It’s not overwhelming heat,” Kovacs said of the cabin. “We use infrared heat, so it’s not so much heating the air around us, but heating the bodies and objects in its helps people sweat, and really walk out of there feeling accomplished.” 

One of the classes unique to Move East is the 30 for 30, a hybrid class that consists of both strength training and stretching. 

“It’s 30 minutes for people to actually incorporate a proper stretch into their fitness routine, knowing they still got a really great workout for the first 30 minutes,” Kovacs said. “We’re trying to encourage people to take better care of their bodies.”

The studio offers both memberships and individual class packs, and is drop-in friendly. 

While she previously worked in marketing, Kovacs first turned toward group fitness to fill the void left behind from her competitive soccer days in university. 

“When I graduated and was off in the world, I realized I miss being part of a team,” she said. “So I thought group fitness would be a good substitute for that.”

After becoming certified as a fitness instructor, she worked in fitness studios in Toronto before decided the time was right to move home to Halifax and open a space of her own.

“I specifically wanted to be in this area,” Kovacs said, noting that there are fewer fitness options available in Halifax’s west end. “It was the right opportunity and the right time, and here we are.”

Along with her team of skilled trainers, Kovacs also takes part in teaching classes. The full schedule can be found online.

“I love teaching, that’s the whole reason this studio exists,” she said. “I’ll probably teach for the rest of my life, until I’m 80. It’s something that brings me pure joy ,and it’s the thing that I do and I feel the most like myself.”

She said one of her favourite things about working in fitness is seeing the impact it has on those who attend. 

“It’s been cool to see people come to class and connect with one another, and I think that’s what group fitness allows people to do,” she said. 

“You don’t have your phone on you, and our approach to how we coach and instruct is team-based, so it really does cultivate that community feel and gets people talking to one another. That’s what makes me happy.” 

Nicole Bayes-Fleming

About the Author: Nicole Bayes-Fleming

Nicole Bayes-Fleming is a freelance reporter and digital editor based in Halifax. She graduated from Carleton University in 2017.
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