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Your vehicle: Local ally helps reduce costs

Amid the Winter flurry of an uncertain economy, one Halifax auto dealer offers calm and additional value

Everyone is feeling the crunch of an inflationary economy, continuing supply chain issues and with another grueling Nova Scotia winter looming, every single penny matters.

Drivers recognize by investing in regular maintenance, they can ensure their current vehicles are road safe and delay vehicle replacement.

No one wants costly repairs and for many, spending their money wisely is vital.

One way to maximize the normal wear and tear on a vehicle is get ahead on maintenance, Emma Parkington from Race Auto Group, “Tire changes are a massive thing per season.

So, when you're going in to get a tire change, why not also get your oil checked and make sure that your vehicle is up to standard to get you through the next couple of months? We can help you with budgeting and planning, show you how to make it affordable and manageable.”

Running around to find the absolute cheapest price sometimes comes with hidden costs when you could save in the long run with having multiple services in one reliable, cost-effective location.

“Unlike most dealerships, Race Auto has a full-service department and a detailing department. We are happy to work on all vehicles. It doesn’t matter if a vehicle was bought from us, we will service any vehicle.” Parkington adds, “And it’s very easy to book online.”

Halifax is a city booming with growth and development and it has always been a city blessed with a massive international student population. Many of these must navigate the realities of four-season weather along with the governmental requirements in effect for all drivers.

In a bid to make all new drivers feel included, Race Auto Group helps each new international with what they need and how to be best prepared.

Emma Parkington, “Do they even really know about any of this stuff? Do they know that they need to get the tires changed every season? Did they even know what an MVI is? Because I'm gonna be honest, none of that is what we call it an England. So, when I came over and someone was talking to me about an MVI, I was like, when do I have to do this? We understand and want to be inclusive to the people who are not from the east coast.”

Right now, with each set of seasonal tire change-overs, Race Auto Group gives their clients a $25 gift card valid toward any future service work.

Race Auto Group is always working toward being in step with the evolving needs of Halifax drivers and helping those drivers secure the right vehicle for their situation, “The honest truth: we're passionate about what we do. We've been in business for a long time now. You know, we're not here to just sell you any old car. We wanna get you the car that you want within the budget. That you can afford.”

It’s worth noting that Race Auto Group is the home of the free MVI! (* ‘No charge for the MVI. *Parts and labor are not included but the MVI is free!')

Discover the Race Auto Group difference and their array of services available to each and every Halifax vehicle owner.

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