Provincial government looks for input on policing in Nova Scotia

As the government of Nova Scotia continues work on a review of police services, a public survey has been launched asking for feedback from the public.

On Wednesday, the justice department announced the anonymous survey is seeking opinions and perspectives from Nova Scotians on the current state of policing in the province.

It will be open for submissions until July 31.

“Nova Scotians deserve to have their say about how this important service is delivered in our communities,” said Attorney General and Justice Minister Barbara Adams. “I hope as many people as possible take a moment to share their experiences and ideas with us so we can create a law enforcement system that is responsive and meets the needs of the people it serves.”

The provincial policing review is part of recommendations from the Mass Casualty Commission, the committee that looked into the mass shooting of April 2020 that saw 22 people murdered in Nova Scotia.

The commission recommended a “multi-sectoral council” be established to do the review and create recommendations that can be implemented before 2032, when the Provincial Police Services Agreement expired.

Right now there are 11 police agencies in Nova Scotia, including 10 municipal police agencies and the RCMP serving as the provincial police agency.

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